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🔁 The Main Game Loop

Lesson Steps

  1. Have students go to the The Main Game Loop section. 
  2. Students will follow along with the video to add more code.
  3. Encourage students to read The Code Explained subsection below. Nearly all student-side sections will have information under the videos to help explain the code they are using as well as tips.
  4. Check for understanding and answer any questions they may have before moving on to the next section.
  5. Review the section vocabulary below.


  • Instance: An individual object of a certain class, such as a sprite.
  • String: A set of characters that can include spaces and numbers set between qutation marks. Both "hamburgers" and "I ate 3 hamburgers" are strings.
  • While loop: Code that repeats while a condition is true.
  • Enums: Python classes that are associated with unique, constant values.
  • Increment: Add to a variable by a set amount.