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Onsite Field Tripsin-Class Projects

At Betabox, we believe that every young person deserves an equal opportunity to add their unique perspective to the future of technology & culture. To achieve this outcome we help K12 schools create positive technology education experiences across a breadth of topics and skill levels.

Our onsite field trips, in-class projects, and measurement & support services are making the difference for hundreds of educators that seek a more accessible and sustainable relationship with educational technology. More

👩đŸŊ‍đŸĢ Class Projects

Bring hands-on technology into the classroom without a Ph.D in tech savviness.

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đŸ¤¯ Onsite Field Trips

A high-energy STEM experience right in your parking lot.

Let your students realize that they can ‘get’ STEM and have fun at the same time.

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A K12 measurement & membership supporting the accessibility and sustainability of technology resources in schools.

whats astra?

Together, let’s create memories that change trajectories.

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🔎 Why Choose Betabox?

We get it, there are a lot of STEM doo-dads to choose from. Betabox is different. Whether you’re talking about our Onsite Field Trips or Classroom Quests, we offer a set of advantages that educators say make the difference.


Always current topics

If we’re waiting for textbooks to catch up to the ever-accelerating pace of innovation, we’re letting down students. Betabox content is always up-to-date and doesn’t get stale.


Realtime nerd access

What do you usually do when something doesn’t work during class? With Betabox, you can chat with technical experts in real time to keep your classes running smoothly.


Lessons for all subjects

Betabox Quests are designed to be used by teachers from all subjects. We bake ethics, art, history, and sociology into our STEM kits so that tech education can be a lens, not just a discipline.


Measure with ASTRA

In the CTE realm, tracking progress or connecting your efforts with test scores can be tough. We’re building an alternative method of measuring outcomes called ASTRA. More.


A whole new kind of PD

Why travel to a convention center to learn what to do in your classroom? The professional development that comes with our Quests leverages modern training methods to get you up to speed more quickly.


…& we help you pay for it.

What if your vendor did more than sell you products. What if they helped you fundraise too?

That’s the Betabox way.

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