Hands-On Technology Adventures for K12

Betabox Onsite Field Trips and Quests help educators integrate world-class technology education into their classrooms.

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What are Betabox Experiences?

Our mission is to bring hands-on technology education to students everywhere.


we create memories that change trajectories.

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🔥Ignite Curiosity
Betabox Experiences
Betabox Onsite Field Trips are high-energy STEM workshops that can host seven classes per day. They take place in your parking lot and are staffed by two Betabox Guides.

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🧠 Enable Mastery
Classroom Quests
Betabox Quests are project-based in-classroom activities that you as an educator can facilitate. Each Quest comes with the physical materials and online curricula needed.

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“My 5th Grade students had a blast and was learning in a really hands-on way. They didn’t realize they were learning!”

- Brenda Bass, Teacher, Madden Elementary