Class Projects

Hands-on lessons & supplies make it easy to turn your classroom into an engagement powerhouse.

That big gap between standards and engagement just evaporated. 💨

Never before have there been more demands on teachers to both adapt to change while doing more with less. STEM, Personalized Learning, Project-Based, new standards, the list goes on. While this all seems great, we know that when these ideas hit the reality of a classroom they can fall short.

Betabox Projects are different. They make your classroom more hands-on without having to write lessons, source materials, and design assessments alone.

Lesson Guides
Epic lessons that will engage students and make the standards memorable.

Pre-Sourced Materials
Forget the out-of-pocket Walmart supply runs. Get just what you need when you need it.

Self-directed “Quests”
Student-facing companion materials to tier lessons, and send the project home.

…and real-time tech support and professional development for ASTRA Schools. Learn More.

Brush the dust off your maker mindset.

EdTech has a long history of pushing new gizmos into the classroom just for the fun of it. Whether your school missed that boat, or is filled to the brim with underutilized STEM equipment, Betabox can help.

We work with award-winning teachers to design remarkable lessons that could change the career trajectories of your students. Then, we turn those lessons into purchasable kits, training, and online content for you to facilitate.



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We’re building the best selection of fully documented hands-on technology projects. We guarantee that if we don’t yet have what you need, we’ll build & ship it in four weeks or it’s free.

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