🌳 Completing the TreeNode Class | Betabox Learning

🌳 Completing the TreeNode Class

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Lesson Steps

  1. Have students navigate to the Letting the Player Make a Choice section.
  2. Check for understanding and answer any questions they may have before moving on to the next section.
  3. Review the section vocabulary below.


  • Print: A function that sends text, variables, and other objects to the screen for the user to see.
  • While Loop: A repeating line of code that continuously runs while a value is true.
  • Variable: Code that stores information and values such as characters (letters/words/symbols), numbers, and Booleans (true/false statements). Variables can change.
  • Index: The position of an item in a list. The first item in a list has an index = 0, the second = 1 and so on.