World-class STEM field trips in your parking lot.

Betabox Mobile Tech Labs are reinventing fields trips throughout the Southeast.

We offer engaging, collaborative STEAM workshops for K12. In Betabox, your students will explore emerging technologies and concepts while honing their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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  • “Betabox is where technology, education and fun collide! The experience was just amazing for all of the students involved.”

    – Melody Cole, Middle School Director

  • “I absolutely think it is a wonderful use of the children’s time. They were able to explore science and discovery in a hands on and problem solving setting. The kids truly thrived and really enjoyed it!” – Samar Dally, Sullivan Elementary
  • “My 5th Grade students had a blast and was learning from actual hands on, and they didn’t realize they were learning. It was a great reinforcer of concepts taught this year.” – Brenda Bass, Madden Elementary

Real teacher reviews from educators in the southeast.

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Betabox in a nutshell:

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Every Nobel Prize winner has a moment they think back on when it all just clicked.

Maybe it was a teacher who genuinely cared. Maybe it was launching model rockets with Dad. Maybe it was programming their first computer game.

Betabox enables these moments each day.

We do it by delivering world-class hands-on learning experiences at schools & communities everywhere.

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