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Makerspace and equipment professional development services.

Master the Makerspace.

We find that often there is a passionate teacher, librarian, or administrator that is leading the ‘hands-on learning’ charge within their school. If that is you, perhaps you’re familiar with the feeling that you’re not making fast enough process.

To help educators like you, we offer schools and districts onsite professional development services. Our PD takes place at your school, and covers all topics related to starting, operating, and sustaining successful makerspaces and hands-on curriculum.

We learned about ways to add more structures in Maker Time that would help children focus on the process and record their thinking without taking away the open-endedness we have right now. We have a lot of good ideas for next year.2nd Grade Teacher, Ephesus Middle School
3D Printing & CAD
Laser Cutting & Illustrator
Design Thinking Crash Course
Makerspace Design

Technology is nothing without great educators.

We’ve seen hundreds of school makerspaces falter because a culture and mindset of hands-on, student centric learning was never fully adopted by the school. Our approach to PD helps build administrative confidence in the learning outcomes that a makerspace can afford students.


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