📘 Lesson Plan | Self-Directed or Distance Learning | Betabox Learning

📘 Lesson Plan | Self-Directed or Distance Learning

Access the Make a Town Using Thingiverse Quest! As the teacher, have this lesson and the student-facing Quest open to see what your students are seeing.

After your students have had an opportunity to go through the material and answering any questions they may have at this point, you can begin your additional student projects!

  • If students would like to register for a free myBetabox account, they may do so on our sign up page.
  • Visit myBetabox.
  • Navigate to the Make a Town Using Thingiverse Quest.
  • Follow the Quest sections by beginning at Welcome to the Thingiverse Quest! and continuing with Next Section.
  • The table of contents can be found on the left-hand side.

If this is the first time you and your students have used Tinkercad, we recommend going through our Creating 3D Objects in Tinkercad Quest and Designing in Tinkercad K12 lesson.

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