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🔎 Classes and Objects

Let's start the foundation of our game.

Lesson Steps

  1. Have students navigate to the Starting the Story Tree Node section.
  2. Students should have another tab or window open with their Repl.it projects open so they can follow along with the videos.
  3. If they get stuck, there is code beneath they videos they can copy and paste into Repl.it but encourage them to practice typing out the code on their own.
  4. Point out the Keyboard Guide link at the top of every page if they need.
  5. Check for understanding and answer any questions they may have before moving on to the next section.
  6. Review the section vocabulary below.


  • Class: Classes create objects with the same properties and are written as class ClassName:
  • Object: An element of a class.
  • Indent: Move a line of code to the right when format an syntax dictate.
  • Node: The location where branching occurs.
  • Function:
  • Function: Packets of code that do a certain task and are always followed by ( ). Here we have a __init__() function.
  • Parameter: Things that get passed through a function.