Self-Driving Car Classbox

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Five Betabox Robot Cars for use in the classroom! Our cars come with both student-ready video build instructions and educators guides and lesson plans. All purchases include web-based training for teachers implementing the cars.

Betabox Robot Car × 5

A 5 pack of Betabox Robot Cars including Raspberry Pi's and SD Cards with Raspian.

$195.00 each

Networking Pack

Includes a router and cables needed to setup a local network within your classroom for the cars to communicate.

$100.00 each

Raspberry Pi Setup Kit

A small monitor and keyboard + trackpad used to set up Raspberry Pi. Add this if you have limited access to monitors and keyboards.

$65.00 each

Sensor Packs – optional

Expand your cars by adding the Self-Driving Sensor Pack which adds image recognition and line following to your car capabilities.

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Bring the experience of coding self-driving cars to the classroom.

Includes complimentary webinar training for teachers.

Member schools receive 10% discount.