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Idea: Design a Plastic Waste Reduction Video Game

Students will learn the fundamentals of computer science and programming to build an educational game that raises awareness of plastic waste reduction. Each student will create a 2D platformer game with the GDevelop game engine and will use coding basics such as loops, variables, and IF/THEN statements to create an interactive game. Discuss the benefits of recycling and how waste can create negative impacts on the environment.

Credit: Boomerang Alliance

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“For your mission, youโ€™ll need to create a game that brings awareness to recycling and plastic waste. Turns out itโ€™s a big issue in our world. The video game company you work for (remember, youโ€™re a programmer now) thinks we can help reduce plastic waste and increase recycling by creating a game with an environmentally-friendly theme.ย 

I want you to discuss with your partner what kind of things you want to add to the game. Maybe your players are racing to pick up plastic bottles and then reach the recycling bins. Maybe there is a big plastic bag monster you must defeat, or perhaps you have to do parkour to pick all of the reusable bags and avoid the plastic ones… whatever you want! Your challenge is to create your game with at least one (1) new character design, three (3) variables,ย  two (2) loops, and one (1) IF/THEN interaction. Keep in mind that it needs to bring awareness or encourage better behavior when it comes to plastic waste or recycling. Donโ€™t forget to create something to indicate the player was reached the end of the level, like a final boss or a flag.”