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Idea: Current Events and Prototyping

Current Events and Prototyping

Ask your students, “What real-world problems are we facing today that we could design a solution for?” Prototyping is a method engineers use to develop new technologies quickly before mass manufacturing. Prototypes, especially ones made with 3D printers, are created with cheaper material so that they can be tested and redesigned over and over until a final product is decided. Product testing considerations can include final cost, functionality, design, and comfort. What topics can your class come up with? Challenge your students to create 3D models for their solutions and, if possible, print them out for testing!

Suggested Topics to Discuss

  • Hospitals in need of personal protective equipment (PPE) – link to article
  • Australian 6th grade students design a strap clip for toddlers – link to video
  • Animals missing appendages get 3D-printed prosthetics – link to article
  • Keep losing game pieces to your favorite board games – solution: make some replacements
  • Environmental impacts on coral reefs alleviated by 3D printing – Link to article
  • Misplacing your phone, keys, or wallet – solution: create clips for them
  • Too many grocery bags to carry in one trip – solution: make a multi-bag holder
  • How to help the visually impaired identify medications – Link to article
  • Casts are itchy and not waterproof – Link to article