3D Rockets

Learn about Newton’s Laws & 3D Printing in this aerospace Onsite Field Trip

Send your creations sky high with Betabox

We’re experiencing a new space age, wherein private companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are planning ambitious missions to Mars and the moon. In this Betabox Onsite Field Trip, students build their own rockets with 3D printing and crafting while learning about Newton’s laws.

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What will my students experience?

The purpose of Betabox Experiences is to spark interest in STEM topics and peel back the intimidation factor of hands-on skills.

1. Building

In 3D Rockets, students begin with raw materials and craft them into a fuselage with fins.

2. Testing & Center of Gravity

Next, students learn how to stabilize their design by balancing their prototype and learning about fin layouts.

3. 3D Printing

The nose cones on each students rocket is 3D Printed, and while building students will learn how these parts are made!

4. Launching!

Students launch their own air-powered rockets and can improve their designs and relaunch with onboard payloads.

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Wow this was so fun! Best day of the whole year!
- 4th Grade Student

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Learn about Newton’s laws and flight by building your own rocket.

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